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The Order of the Goalies

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October 21st, 2006

04:22 pm - well... what do you know
neo_genesis067..... you need to read this book... gay man love galore! AND i found it in our school library.

"The Persian Boy" by Mary Renault. Holy crap it's awesome... so is the weather today... wow.

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February 12th, 2006

09:52 pm - another great find in the world of movies needing subtitles
So, cambridge_nox, I most definately have the greatest movie ever. And it's actually less confusing than AKA. But with (somewhat less of) the gayness. Yossi & Jagger, and I want to lick them both. I'll bring it tomorrow, if you can make it.

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December 23rd, 2005

01:28 am - dear sam, love haley
OK... Sam is now oofficially my favorite person EVER! because he definately drew the pope on the board before break... and not just any pope, THE POPE! the little circle smiley head with the hat. He was talking about the hierarchy of the church in the middle ages, and he drew a triangle type thing to demonstrate, and then he drew a head underneath it and it became the pope! yay!

Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: no disc... crap

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August 11th, 2005

10:30 pm
by the way... what happened to my spiffy dragon smileys? and in my previous entry, i had a cool dragon with a shocked expression on its face for "shocked." that is definately a smiley happy face. not a shocked oh my goodness face. dammit.

~Lee *grumble, grumble"

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06:43 pm
by the way... my cockatiel is a uterus with a head.
the average clutch (batch of eggs)in cockatiels is 3-6. she just laid her sixteenth. and she's in the middle of laying another one. she needs serious help. *cries*

Current Mood: shockedshocked
Current Music: the voices in my head

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06:33 pm - la la la dee fucking dah
my cousin got married, my cat, luke, still hasn't come back, my dad brought our horse to an auction and i have a new kitten named Salem.
oh yeah, 4-H fair is on saturday but i have to go up on friday.
and i can't show my pig, because our market hogs have PRRS (nasty virus in pigs that's highly contagious) and we have to depopulate our entire barn. even my sow Blaze whom I've had for SIX FUCKING YEARS!!!!!! and our two boars who rock (one is only half ours) and a gilt that doesn't even belong to us. wow. people will be pissed at us, huh?
oh and i hate library of moria because it never updates!
and i love harry potter slash (remus/sirius)
and when will fanfic speedway be fixed... it makes me sad.
my dreamcast is dead too. and i can't get a new one because they stopped making them a month after i got it. (that was a few years ago...)
sorry... i felt like venting.
oh yeah... there are only 2 people i my swine club. no wonder people never visit the pig barn. it's always the dairy barn because they sell milkshakes(i love milkshakes... who cares if i'm lactose intolerant)

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: Alkaline Trio- Crimson

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August 8th, 2005

12:45 pm
Posting. First time, long time. Hockey's back. Indeed. Racing is... racing. My counsin is engaged. Your turn.

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November 20th, 2004

12:02 pm
LALALALA! Just posting becuase I can. And the last post was in August. Nox and I are on vacation, and getting wicked pumped for the holidays. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done, (except for my parents) so I'm hoping that will be done before 11:59:59 on Dec 24. I also have a new little cousin to buy for. All my other cousins are girls though. This one is a boy. What do little boys like for Christmas?

For the Motherland

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August 21st, 2004

10:19 pm
la la la
no one ever posts

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August 3rd, 2004

05:07 pm - i live!
underwear, blue
if you have fic, share it
why do i have to do the happy version, i don't do happy either, but if you insist. i might need help, though.
and what is the quest? i'm in the mood for a quest...
i feel like ficcing, but YOUR NEVER BLOODY ON!!!!
by the by, i have castrated my bull, it was fun...
also, i got the third off kilter cd. it rocks!!! my mom got it in disney world for me. she rocks.

tell me kuzco's dead. i need to hear these words...
i love eartha kitt
she rocks

Current Mood: drunkdrunk
Current Music: off kilter: celtic armadillo

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